Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Problem With Pain

While discussing the problem with pain some very interesting topics came up. The first of which was the fact that a lot of the time we only need God when we are in pain. It is so easy for us to attribute the good times to ourselves and blame the bad times on God. Sometimes we only turn to God when we are in pain and we need something from Him. Lewis said “I’ve never had a selfless thought since the day I was born.” I think that this is true for a lot of times in our lives. We do so many things for us and for no one else and we don’t even notice it.

Another thing we discussed was what is the definition of suffering. What one person thinks suffering may be could be a completely different idea from what another person may think suffering is. Another difference that we discussed is what suffering is to God. Does God feel physical suffering? Does he feel our suffering? Or does He feel emotional suffering when we do things to hurt Him? I for one don’t know how to think about this situation. God is very complicated and sometimes with questions like these I don’t know where to start because as was demonstrated in class many people can have very many different opinions and who are we to decide who has the right idea?

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