Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Inner Ring

In this reading Lewis describes how in this world we have a tendency to join and belong to inner rings. Whether or not we try we automatically drift towards a group of people that we become exclusive with. We don’t always try to be exclusive, in fact most of the time we try to do the opposite. Lewis talks about a good kind of inner circle and the exclusive kind. The good kind is when we have a close group of friends that we care about and can be there to support each other. The problem with inner circles arises when they become exclusive. We want to get into a higher social group and people get left out.

This article of Lewis’ is very important especially for people who are in school. In middle school I think we all naturally form cliques and we automatically become exclusive even if we aren’t trying. As soon as we become aware of what we are doing wrong, for example by reading some of Lewis’ works, we can start to fix the problem and become less exclusive.

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